Fathom remix

Fathom first appeared on “Words” in 2022. It was the last completed song, I perhaps rushed it a bit as well as aiming higher than my comfort zone. After ongoing tweaks over many months, as I’m not a pro, this arrangement/mix better expresses the intentions, though the album version is fine, and better mastered by […]

In 2021 I created a piece titled Arcadia as background music for a video of landscape photographs- But I found it unsatisfactory as a stand-alone piece, or I would have put it on “Erratics”- I wanted to ease into making some music again after a year away from it, not too complex, overthought, […]

17×22” piezography prints initially made from a 2000 trip to Italy left me feeling they could be “more”, over the years. They are nice, I showed them, sold a few, and over time interest faded in the fog of ongoing newer work. Small old world architectural etchings in an Italian deli brought them back to […]

New Album- Erratics

Erratics on Bandcamp. Listen and download for free. All music streaming links for Erratics, and Words are here- link tree Erratics is a compilation of guitar based instrumental pieces created between 2014 and 2022 while learning digital home recording, and re-immursing in guitar, writing, imagining, etc.. Progress was glacial, each came to fruition and was […]

This is probably the final post regarding inkjet printing on uncoated papers, the initial posts are here- why uncoated papers for print nerds and here- paper surfaces tests My priorities for a paper choice were described in the 2nd post. After making several prints, and all the testing, and I narrowed it down to Rives […]

A continuation of posts regarding inkjet printing on uncoated papers, begun here- Why Uncoated Papers? for print nerds On the Piezography forum, Walker Blackwell of Cone Editions remarked on “the very WIDE array of papers that are uncoated out there” in a discussion of the potential opportunities moving onto this area may offer printmakers. We […]

I’ve been interested in the viability, and potential benifits of printing on uncoated fine art papers even before inkjet when I saw some early Iris photography prints, and even earlier, when I first saw a platinum print at George Eastman House long ago, eventually dipping my toe into historical processes. I’ve written about this before, […]

Equipment and software used here- “Words” on Bandcamp David- Roland TD50KV2 V-Drum Electronic Drums, Roland TD-20X, Tama hardware Studio one, PreSonus Studio 24c, Superior drummer 3, Addictive Drummer 2, BFD3.  Tyler-  Mike Lull custom strat w/ Lindey Fralin and Harmonic Design PUPs Dean Soltero w/ Lindey Fralin and Harmonic Design PUPs Ibanez 5 string bass […]


*10/09/22 addition: here are the links to the album on streaming services- itunes spotify amazon music youtube music tidal pandora original post:  This the more thorough post about the album announced in the previous post- Finally an album words by Tyler Boley the above at the “Words” Bandcamp page, where you can stream as above or […]

Finally an album

David Nielsen and I were in bands together long ago, with all the associated R&R experiences, for five years or so. We connected again around 2015, jammed a few times, our abilities very rusty, and started a few songs that faded off to nowhere. Finally we knuckled down and completed “Catherine” in 2018, despite novice […]