While making the garden images I made 2 photographs of the same subject on consecutive evenings, and changed the focus each time, more or less instinctively. I made no attempt to otherwise match the compositions exactly, that becomes a different sort of exercise of little interest to me. I wound up using them in the […]

Kickstarter update

  Today is day nine into this project, which will end at day twenty. Pledges to date come to about 70% of the target, and have leveled off a bit. Family and friends of course have been the most immediate and most generous supporters and I’m frankly humbled and amazed at the response so far. […]

I have begun a KickStarter project that will allow me, should it succeed, to complete printing of the portfolio selections of Beverly’s Garden, and in return provide supporters with prints at a severely reduced price. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE PROJECT Any support will be greatly appreciated, and I assure you the prints are […]

I used to think I’d someday be that old guy with inky hands down the street in some funky little shop, doing something you could only get there, nowhere else. The nooks and crannies would be full of strange and cool things from years of experiments and efforts. Amazing artists coming and going. You’d put up […]