Music equipment and software used on “Words”

Equipment and software used here- “Words” on Bandcamp

Roland TD50KV2 V-Drum Electronic Drums, Roland TD-20X, Tama hardware
Studio one, PreSonus Studio 24c, Superior drummer 3, Addictive Drummer 2, BFD3. 

Mike Lull custom strat w/ Lindey Fralin and Harmonic Design PUPs
Dean Soltero w/ Lindey Fralin and Harmonic Design PUPs
Ibanez 5 string bass
Fryette GP/DI recording amplifier. TC Electroncs  G Major/2, Electro Harmonix Small Stone, MJM London Fuzz, Roger Mayer modified Cry Baby Wah, Xotic Effects Wah, J Rockett blue note, Iron Ether QF2, Prescription Electronics Outbox, Digitech Jamman2, Electro Harmonix POG2, Suhr Rufus Reloaded, Wampler Ego.
Logic Pro X, Arturia Audiofuse, IRs from Apple, York Audio, Celestion, Lancaster Audio, Kalthallen Cabs, ML Sound Lab, Bricasti, Mercuriall Cab, Voxengo and more.
Apple LPX native plugins and plugins by 4Front Technologies, Acon Digital, Air Windows, Arturia, Auburn Sounds, Audio Assault, Audio Damage, AudioFB, Audiority, AudioThing, Baby Audio, Blue Cat Audio, Denise, FabFilter, Flux SE, Glitchmachines, Gramotech, Ignite Amps, Infected Mushroom, iZotope, Kazrog, Klanghelm, Klevgrand, Ikjb, Magnus @ Smartelectronix, Mastering the Mix, Mathew Lane, MatthieuBrucher, McDSP, MeldaProductions, Native Instruments, Neural DSP, Ohm Force, Plugin Alliance, Pulsar, Pulsar Modular, Slate Digital, Softube, Sonible, Sonimus, Sonnox, Soundtheory, Soundtoys, Spitfire Audio, STL Tones, TAL-TOGU, TBProAudio, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Tone Empire, Trikik, TSE Audio, u-he, Valhalla DSP, Voxengo, Waves

clearly there is a problem with guitar players and pedals, home studios and plugins…😂

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