About the Montages

Three photomontages. I made #1 on an OCD whim in 2017. I tried many other combinations of elements and overall compositions, based on a somewhat instinctual approach illuminated by Jerry Uelesmann at a workshop years ago. Going through decades of images for potential elements to combine, from phone images to large format film scans, was […]

I write about process not because it’s the most important thing about the work, but because solving these problems and finding approaches that suit the work often becomes the most time and effort consuming, it may help other workers solve similar problems, and for interested non practitioners, what goes into this work might be illuminating. […]

new music- Lydia

Don Bird and I met in the early 70s, late 60s? Who knows. A hard rock band I was in call Joy was being reconfigured by “management” into a horn band. He played trumpet in those years, and was probably the more disciplined and musically proficient player in the band. Like most bands we evaporated, […]

This September Ann Wilson invited me to take part in a sort of garage band bash for a few days to see what happens, she was coming to town, had some pieces she wanted to try, and a few commitments to meet. I recommended Uberbeatz from previous experience and they went ahead and booked it, […]

I was pleasantly surprised when Koplin Del Rio Gallery contacted me earlier this year about inclusion in an upcoming exhibition- Photographs 2020, their first photography exhibition. The possibility of hanging with other Washington photographers  I respect was great. Certainly Marsha Burns has been a friend and mentor for years, even becoming a client I’d print […]

During the first couple of months of the covid-19 lock down I did some work specifically to be a small part of the artists all over the world sharing their creative efforts to stay engaged. Not to sell as lock down art, just to be a part of the coping mechanism for our new world.. […]

new music- Shift

A 5/2020 remix, this was posted with the original mix 2/2020 Another instrumental, hopefully reflecting the unrestrained exuberant spirit of much of the hard rock we grew up with and other influences current and past. Once again David Nielsen performed and provided drum tracks, and collaborated on arrangement and sonics. The video is just eye candy, […]

Let me first stress that any attempt to display the subtleties of prints on line is a foolish, but I’ve included several anyway. Call it eye candy. My friend Bill Kennedy alerted me to two new additions to Hahnemühle’s natural line of papers made from sustainable natural fibers, explained better by them than me on […]

“Other” was written as background music for “A Selection From Four Decades of Photography”. Several remixes were made before arriving at one that suited that purpose, most were too insistent for attention or at odds with the images. I liked some of the rejected sounds, so wanting a stand-alone version for myself I put occasional […]

Three Washington State landscapes will be in a group photography exhibit at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts In January. The prints are custom piezography ink blends on fine art cotton paper, all 32” x ~ 40” framed. The opening is this Friday 1/3 from 6-8pm. I’d love to see some friends old or new. Bainbridge Arts […]