My friend, photographer, and fellow printer John Dean wrote a great piece for The Agnostic Print some time ago called “In Defense of the Precious Object” that makes the case for prints better than I can here. I’m not a good writer, just an avid ranter. Others I know who passionately share the concerns expressed […]

Have to get the word out so will post here as well. Ron Reeder, a palladium and digital negative expert, and I, will have a one day presentation and print critique here at the shop. There will be salted paper, albumen paper, silver gelatin, palladium and gum over palladium, ink on the premium papers, uncoated […]

I need to thank Lauren Henkin for her work with me on this site. Her design and implementation made this possible for me, and again I want to thank Carolyn Frayn without who’s work I’d have had no presentable web presence at all for years. Get to work.

Been too long

My Friend photographer Jeff Corwin decided to drag me out into the sun and air

1st Blog Post

Finally, after several years of false starts, missed opportunities, distractions of “real life”. I’m thrilled to make the first blog post on my new website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, perhaps by you (?), how badly it needs to be updated. Of course I knew this, many things have changed […]