About the Montages

Three photomontages. I made #1 on an OCD whim in 2017. I tried many other combinations of elements and overall compositions, based on a somewhat instinctual approach illuminated by Jerry Uelesmann at a workshop years ago. Going through decades of images for potential elements to combine, from phone images to large format film scans, was […]

I write about process not because it’s the most important thing about the work, but because solving these problems and finding approaches that suit the work often becomes the most time and effort consuming, it may help other workers solve similar problems, and for interested non practitioners, what goes into this work might be illuminating. […]

I had occasion to try to write something that might be helpful for people viewing some of my work at an upcoming show. Since it applies to my work generally, and might be more successful than my usual attempts at the impossible task of “explanation”, I thought I’d post it… My photographs are not descriptive, […]

  I’ve made a lot of photographs over the years. When digital means came along as well as the internet, most of my scanning and editing was focused on my regional landscape work, both backward and forward. Finally I have scanned much of the work that doesn’t neatly fit into that, or any, category, and […]

There is info about this project at Vela Noche and the Figure Studies Publication page. There is also a very lengthy description of the entire project at The Agnostic Print, not only some of the artistic evolution, but it’s very heavy on in depth advanced digital technique with regard to final print results. Since that […]

Another older group of work, still have a lot of catching up to do, as well as adding new work. In 1990 we went to Costa Rica. It was just before it exploded as an eco tourist destination. Winding up into the mountains in a bus on a dirt and mud road, we arrived at […]

This work was photographed in 1995 as a test and practice session for other projects, primarily “Figure Studies”. The technical experiment was to try solarizing Polaroid 665 film, on a black background, with a ring light, to see where the tonal reversals would occur, what artistic potential the look might reveal, and how it could […]

The images shown are a selection from 75 images in the book. There are many I’d love to show but they can all be seen in the pdf of the book, which also thoroughly explains the evolution of the work. Despite the preponderance of B&W amongst my work, I’ve actually done a lot of color […]

These photographs were made during a 2000 vacation, as tourists. Our first time in Europe, they represent the somewhat naive reaction of a person used to surroundings with little cultural history (if lucky a mere few hundred years) to an environment with evidence of the origins of that cultural history back to it’s beginnings. Amazing […]

I’ve been photographing the natural world around me from youth, and in less of a documentary manner than a personal exploration, as evidenced by this moody (in a teenager sort of way) abstract of roots, done in junior high school with my old 127 Tower camera. I spent a lot of time by myself in […]