New Music- Arcadia Two

In 2021 I created a piece titled Arcadia as background music for a video of landscape photographs-

But I found it unsatisfactory as a stand-alone piece, or I would have put it on “Erratics”-

I wanted to ease into making some music again after a year away from it, not too complex, overthought, or ambitious, hopefully pleasant. I liked the opening chords and synth sound in Arcadia, so I started there. Arcadia Two is the result.

The photograph for the vid is “Wahkiakum County, WA”, made in 2010 at Columbian White-Tailed Deer National Wildlife Refuge. My friend Lauren Henkin ( managed to sneak a pic of me working there, fourteen years ago.

© Lauren Henkin











More music, more concerted efforts with 2024 direction, to come.

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