17×22” piezography prints initially made from a 2000 trip to Italy left me feeling they could be “more”, over the years. They are nice, I showed them, sold a few, and over time interest faded in the fog of ongoing newer work. Small old world architectural etchings in an Italian deli brought them back to […]

This is probably the final post regarding inkjet printing on uncoated papers, the initial posts are here- why uncoated papers for print nerds and here- paper surfaces tests My priorities for a paper choice were described in the 2nd post. After making several prints, and all the testing, and I narrowed it down to Rives […]

A continuation of posts regarding inkjet printing on uncoated papers, begun here- Why Uncoated Papers? for print nerds On the Piezography forum, Walker Blackwell of Cone Editions remarked on “the very WIDE array of papers that are uncoated out there” in a discussion of the potential opportunities moving onto this area may offer printmakers. We […]

I’ve been interested in the viability, and potential benifits of printing on uncoated fine art papers even before inkjet when I saw some early Iris photography prints, and even earlier, when I first saw a platinum print at George Eastman House long ago, eventually dipping my toe into historical processes. I’ve written about this before, […]

Old Tech…

… or so it may seem. No longer supported, is probably a better description. There are, no doubt, long time individual niche workers all over the world, in any field, limping older technology tools along in some shop. But there are also more advanced leading edge efforts in a variety of fields keeping old systems […]


This is the same as the youtube description, in case you just watch it here. Among other concerns, the landscape has always had a significant presence in my work. This is a selection from over 30 years of photography with a “sense of place” overriding other concerns. There is some crossover between this and “A […]

During the first couple of months of the covid-19 lock down I did some work specifically to be a small part of the artists all over the world sharing their creative efforts to stay engaged. Not to sell as lock down art, just to be a part of the coping mechanism for our new world.. […]

Let me first stress that any attempt to display the subtleties of prints on line is a foolish, but I’ve included several anyway. Call it eye candy. My friend Bill Kennedy alerted me to two new additions to Hahnemühle’s natural line of papers made from sustainable natural fibers, explained better by them than me on […]

** the original music felt too intrusive, so instrumentation and mix were changed, and reuploaded to youtube, This is the new version as of 9/24/2019 ** After preparing several music pieces for youtube, usually with an accompanying still of mine, I decided to reverse the emphasis and make a video of some of my photography. […]

I had occasion to try to write something that might be helpful for people viewing some of my work at an upcoming show. Since it applies to my work generally, and might be more successful than my usual attempts at the impossible task of “explanation”, I thought I’d post it… My photographs are not descriptive, […]