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I post a lot of snapshots to Facebook, simple pictures of noticed moments. When many of us were very young and had some little plastic camera we’d innocently photograph anything, a sunset, a friend making a goofy face, a flower, mountain… no thought to whether it amounts to anything, just found moments remarkable enough to […]

Two of the more unusual kinds of inkjet related prints we will show at the workshop, amongst countless others, including more straightforward examples. The Fine Photographic Print: Possibilities and Intention at Newspace Center for Photography September 27, 2015 With the workshop date approaching, I’d like to touch on some of the things participants will get […]

Last November I contributed guitar to a live performance by ambient music artists Marc Barreca and K. Leimer. In addition I prepared videos to accompany the music, that were projected above the stage, utilizing many of my landscape images. They later used this live performance material mixed with newly created music to release “Field Characteristics” […]

Lenswork Podcast

Looks like LensWork used one of my images for a podcast. Brooks Jensen always contributes so much to the high standards of photography. I value having been published by them and included in any way at all. It might buffer a bit, be patient. Lenswork has been an example of, and supporter of, a […]

Since going through this process throws light on several issues, some perhaps peripheral, but important, I decided to post the process. Everything from why it was required, through execution and completion may be applicable to others in a variety of situations. When I first started inkjet printing there were no good coated fine art papers […]

Closing the shop on lower Queen Anne, completing a large kickstarter project, trimming down and reconsidering the equipment I am keeping so I can work from home, and finding a way to make it all work here, has proven a more monumental task than I anticipated. There have been things worthy of posting about during […]

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Open Studio Sale

This weekend I will have an Open Studio Sale with a lot of my work, the work of Mel Curtis, Jeff Corwin, and others, as well as a lot of very economical work prints available for severely reduced prices. Please go here for more details-  

While making the garden images I made 2 photographs of the same subject on consecutive evenings, and changed the focus each time, more or less instinctively. I made no attempt to otherwise match the compositions exactly, that becomes a different sort of exercise of little interest to me. I wound up using them in the […]

Kickstarter update

  Today is day nine into this project, which will end at day twenty. Pledges to date come to about 70% of the target, and have leveled off a bit. Family and friends of course have been the most immediate and most generous supporters and I’m frankly humbled and amazed at the response so far. […]