2016 Holiday Print Secial

Darwin Falls, CA 2 © Tyler Boley 1998

Darwin Falls, CA 2
© Tyler Boley 1998

Three years ago I had a holiday print sale of an image that many people had seen and enjoyed, but was not part of a limited edition or larger project. Therefore making it available for purchase for gifts or whatever, unlimited, at a very reasonable price worked out very well. Again this year I have an image I’m fond of, simply an individual image that hasn’t found it’s way into a portfolio since I made the photograph in 1998.

This was during a trip to Death Valley and surrounding areas. Darwin is a small largely abandoned desert town with a tiny population, west of Death Valley. Outside town is a small canyon, which turns from desert to greenery as one walks up. A permanent spring fed stream nurtures an oasis like ecosystem, and sporadic waterfalls. On this particular day there were frogs everywhere.

This print is a 17×22″ sheet, the image is 13×18″, signature at the lower right corner off the image. Title and number (unlimited) is along the bottom edge of the sheet. The paper is Hahnemuhle Bamboo, a rich slightly warm fine art paper made from 90% bamboo, a renewable resource, a multi-year reed that produces more oxygen than a broadleaf tree, and 10% cotton. It is acid free. The ink is a custom blend of Cone Peizography monochromatic inks developed and evolved over the years for black and white images specifically, there is no color ink involved. This blend is warm with slight hue variation throughout the scale.

The image was made with a medium format Plaubel Makina wide and the film drum scanned.

The price is $85.00, one time, through the end of December 2016. Shipping and a small packaging fee will be additional. We’ll make this easy to avoid calculating every order-

If you are in the Pacific Time Zone add $10.00

If you are in the Mountain Time Zone add $12.00

If you are in the Central Time Zone add $13.00

If you are in the Eastern Time Zone add $14.00

Send me an email at with your address and time zone, I will send a paypal invoice and when you’ve paid it will be sent out immediately.



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