NOT PRESIDENT YET! Certainly not mine

The main points if you don’t want to put up with my rant-

The process is not complete yet and could potentially be altered between now and December 19th.
The FBI interfered with public opinion with false implied pronouncements at just the right time.
An unfriendly foreign power worked with the “winning” campaign.
He did NOT win the popular vote, he is not the expression of the will of the people, but the result of a process all agreed is flawed. He has no mandate.
The stages of grief begin with denial and end with acceptance. I could be accused of being in denial because this outcome remains an “unreality” to me. So it could be said I need to move on through all steps to acceptance.

I am not in denial about this phenomenon. I imagined this result months ago, having some familiarity with the culture in which I’ve lived my life. Fearing this outcome I tried to convince people their vote mattered, including a 3rd party vote. If they were Bernie people, that to proceed inspired by him is first to ensure fascism and ignorance does not rise, and even without POTUS Bernie, their activism is absolutely required. At the very least for Citizens United and the environment.
The outcome was a sucker punch, but denial is not in play.
But no, I will not move on to acceptance, for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s not a done deal, why get all mopey and start Netfix binging already?!?! The Electoral College does not cast their votes until December 19th, over a month from now. In 2007 Maryland ditched the rules and threw all their electoral college votes to the winner of the popular election, precedent. There is a movement gaining momentum to petition the electoral college to honor the popular vote. I realize this may be a unicorn, but there’s no harm in supporting it, millions already have, who knows? The point there is that it’s not technically a done deal we all just have to accept, not yet. Trump did not win the votes of a majority of Americans, not even close.
Then we have the unprecedented interference of the FBI in the final weeks of the election. Anyone watching the polls knows they changed dramatically that day and continued to plummet, they never really recovered to where they were.
Next we have the acknowledged collusion between Putin’s administration and the Trump campaign, any objective observer not currently in shell shock would find that totally unacceptable.
None of this is tin-foil-hat worthy, it’s reality.
We’re acting like deer in the headlights.
The Clintons and other talking heads have to pretend to take the high road and say they respect the American process, the law, and the will of the people. They have to keep that contrast between them and the opposition alive. Fine. I don’t, and it’s a false assumption anyway.
The process electoral is not complete yet and could potentially be altered.
The FBI interfered with public opinion with precisely timed false implied pronouncements.
An unfriendly foreign power worked with the “winning” campaign. HELLO!
He did NOT win the popular vote, he is not the expression of the will of the people, but the result of a process all agreed is flawed. He has no mandate.
Then AFTER all that, for me and millions of Americans he’s totally unsuited to be president of our country. All that has been in the news for months, not regurgitated here.
So no, he’s not president, not yet, and not mine, no one’s yet. Even given the probability of the electoral college vote, this election is so fraught with dirt I’ll never consider it valid, even he I have to eventually accept his title. May I add, to my friends who supported Trump, already he is turning his back on you in his first days, I too would like the swamp drained, but he did so just enough to select the insider muck at the bottom, including lobbyists. Aren’t you beginning to suspect you’ve been conned?
Where is everyone? It’s not a done deal yet. We have the climate in peril, decades of fallout from supreme court appointees, the rise of thuggism in the streets of America feeling full of empowerment.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do, what may be effective, but I have over a month for work on it and scream and yell and ask for suggestions. Don’t tell John Lewis activism is useless, he will tell you he lives on the shoulders of people who gave their lives and didn’t back down from the American dream, he nearly did too.
And guess what, all who try to say it’s all rigged and useless? Open your eyes, a total outsider started a populist movement and with no support from his party’s power elite, or money, even the Koch’s, took over a party and the white house in short order.
Sorry I’m not much of a writer or a deep thinker.
This outcome is unacceptable. On FB threads, seen it many times in fact, “we’re screwed”. Well if I’m gonna get screwed I’m gonna do it standing up.

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