Upcoming Newspace workshop overview

© Tyler Boley

Epson Ultrachrome ink on Arches Watercolor Paper and palladium on Arches Platine made from Epson digital negative. © Tyler Boley

Two of the more unusual kinds of inkjet related prints we will show at the workshop, amongst countless others, including more straightforward examples.
The Fine Photographic Print: Possibilities and Intention at Newspace Center for Photography September 27, 2015
With the workshop date approaching, I’d like to touch on some of the things participants will get to see. We will have a general overview of color management issues as it relates to printing, as good printing depends on it. A lot of the time will be spent showing examples of a wide variety of materials for inkjet printing, and some alternative methods, as well as good examples of straightforward printing done well. Since the choice of process and materials is as important as the other choices one makes while creating a photographic print, being informed about these things and being able to hold them in your hands yourself and look at them is vital. We will have-
Color prints on a variety of photo and fine art surfaces, as well as some Japanese and uncoated art papers.
Piezography B&W inks on a similar variety of materials, including ink use, different hue sets, blend and split tones, and gloss overprint.
Examples of the use of Quadtone RIP for black and white printing.
Platinum prints made from digital negatives using Quadtone RIP, clear film, and Epson printers.
Handouts of paper samples, and compiled information including on line suppliers and resources.
The not remotely famous tastes-like-chicken portfolio assembled here by the future Agnostic Print contributors-
We’ll spend the first half of the day laying these out and passing them around, explaining each, answering questions about them, and letting participants handle them as much as they want. We’d like to encourage all to bring examples of their successes and problem prints for input, everyone benefits from this and it expands even further what we all get to see and address.
If you are on the verge of inkjet printing, and don’t yet have prints of your own, you have countless decisions to make about how to best present your images. This is an opportunity to see many paths to follow, you will not get this opportunity often.
Please click on the link below for more information and registration.

The Fine Photographic Print: Possibilities and Intention at Newspace Center for Photography

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