A Selection From Four Decades of Photography

** the original music felt too intrusive, so instrumentation and mix were changed, and reuploaded to youtube, This is the new version as of 9/24/2019 **

After preparing several music pieces for youtube, usually with an accompanying still of mine, I decided to reverse the emphasis and make a video of some of my photography. The more I worked on it the more daunting it became, particularly the selection. Now I’d like to make some shorter more focused selections, this is a bit of an overview, although many things were omitted as they felt out of place in the flow. I’d like to make more small special groupings, and of course make music for each. The music for this, “Other”, was made specifically as a background soundscape for the images, so it meanders aimlessly with no real “events” to distract. It’s not a stand alone piece IMHO. The title and description should be sufficient for this.. no blabla required.

Thanks for looking, likes on youtube, shares, and views, are very helpful. The algorithms there do not support us small folk at all. In order to come up in searches and get recommended, to get seen at all, trhese things really help. Thanks you, Tyler

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