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*better mix linked above 1/18/22*

Another short and sweet instrumental, some sort of punk/prog bastard? David again giving up an over-the-top drum track. This one is probably for turning up and flinging yourself around the room completely out of control, it’s quick, so harmless. More musics still to come.

Here’s a bit OCD guitar thinking-

Many of my favorite guitar players are/were loose canons, exciting. Obviously Hendrix, others are Jeff Beck, Reeves Gabrels, Blackmore, Brian Futter, Bellamy, Whitley. Dangerous people. I love the impeccable masters too, Holdsworth, Gilmore, Beck here as well, others in many genres. But even the untouchable McLaughlin was an ongoing explosion barely staying on the road. One of my favorites was Luther Grosvenor, masterfully unhinged at his best. I really wanted to heavily quote one of his iconic solos for this, the feel of the expanding progression was similar. But, these chords are too strange for a real interpretation of his phrases. Still, the opening solo line is a reference, and his inspiration was present throughout the process. Luther Grosvenor, probably never heard of him, maybe as Ariel Bender, but Ariel never quite reached Luther’s madness, or wasn’t provided the open ground. A bit of my little world in my little head…

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