Finally an album

David Nielsen and I were in bands together long ago, with all the associated R&R experiences, for five years or so. We connected again around 2015, jammed a few times, our abilities very rusty, and started a few songs that faded off to nowhere. Finally we knuckled down and completed “Catherine” in 2018, despite novice production skills. More songs slowly came along, though there were no goals beyond making music that approached our shared aesthetic without compromise. As the completed pieces approached four or five, skills improved, and possibilities for independent projects seemed to be opening up, we decided to call it an album after a few more pieces came through.
I decided to have it professionally stem mastered and was incredibly fortunate to be referred to Evan Schiller, who had an innate feel for what we were doing and amazing skills. It’s done, here’s a teaser-

I’ll post all the youtube song links, Bandcamp, and other streaming links as they are all worked out over the next week or so.

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