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Today is day nine into this project, which will end at day twenty. Pledges to date come to about 70% of the target, and have leveled off a bit. Family and friends of course have been the most immediate and most generous supporters and I’m frankly humbled and amazed at the response so far. I can’t thank you all enough. I have reached out to everyone I know and avenues to promote this become exhausted over time. It’s only natural response would level off after a bit. Of course, those with interest or even ability to pledge are a small and niche group. Success is totally dependent on exposure to the largest possible number of people.
I have my own circle and connections, as do you all. If I ask you to now spread the word and link to those in your circle, as you feel appropriate, and they also spread the word, the numbers of people exposed to this multiply dramatically.
My friend and biggest supporter Kerry Leimer emailed the link to ten friends last night, and one pledged for two prints within the hour.
I’d like to mention the multiple uses for the reward prints. My sister Peg made a large pledge but did not indicate one of the rewards, having no more room for art in her home, she just wanted to help. I reminded her that the prints can be gifts, and would like to impress on everyone they can be used for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is donating to art auctions for charitable causes, etc..
Here is the link again-


If you don’t feel like pushing this on others, I understand, I too have difficulty doing so and have perhaps been too careful to date.
I am optimistically proceeding with the work, assuming the project will succeed, tweaking the way the ink goes to this paper even more, for maximum accuracy and impact, as well as revisiting each image looking for any possible improvement. They are looking beautiful, I am more and more impressed with this paper, Epson Cold Press Natural.
Thanks to everyone for their patience and help and encouragement.

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