Kickstarter update 2

While making the garden images I made 2 photographs of the same subject on consecutive evenings, and changed the focus each time, more or less instinctively. I made no attempt to otherwise match the compositions exactly, that becomes a different sort of exercise of little interest to me. I wound up using them in the book, as small beginning and ending images. Since then I’ve not used them individually for part of the print portfolio, others took precedence, but I’ve always loved the pair. I’ve been playing with pairings for different purposes for some time, and today made a little diptych that I’m very happy with.



I’ve also been concerned that there is no reward for smaller pledges, for those that want to help but get no gift in return. There has been some who have no room for a large piece, or are daunted by the inevitable framing costs as well. So this is perfect, I’ve added it as a small edition piece, it looks wonderful, is consistent with their use in the book, and provides another way for people to pledge or take advantage of the contribution they’ve already made.

Details have been added to the page, click HERE

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging so far, we still have some distance to cover.



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