Been too long

© Tyler Boley

My Friend photographer Jeff Corwin decided to drag me out into the sun and air and space of Eastern Washington again for a few days, I guess it was obvious I needed it. It turns out I haven’t had my 5×7 and some film out in the land for a year and a half. I’m embarrassed to admit it. I shot a lot of digital snapshots like this one out the window, from the comfort of the air conditioning, a little 120 color, and finally some serious 5×7 B&W film. I’m often asked when I get back if I “got anything”. Well I never know until I have completed print I like, up to then it’s all just the required steps to get there. I liked where I was and what I saw on the ground glass, so I’m hopeful for some new landscape additions. Can’t wait this long for the next time. We got over there and back just before the 4th of July madness, but it was very hot. I’m even more embarrassed to admit the film from that last trip had not been processed, and it will all now get done… so maybe there will be some forgotten surprises to be seen.

3 responses to “Been too long”

  1. t bone says:

    I’m surprised he could put up with you in a car all the way over there. I know him personally and he’s a tolerant guy, but you can get kind of whiney when it’s really hot.

    Regarding the shot you posted here, what’s with all the sky and clouds?? And that horizon right through the 50 yard line??

  2. tyler says:

    I was trying to emulate his aesthetic, but it’s really hard. I couldn’t get the sky black enough either… I probably wasn’t paying close enough attention, making pics like his with my phone while checking my wallet to see if my AAA card is up to date. I hope we have blacker skies next trip.

  3. t bone says:

    It’s true. I hear he does occasionally explore other zones in the system besides #5. Weird. Perhaps you were having a hard time getting your skies right because of that air conditioning frosting up the passenger side window. The AAA card probably comes in handy when your seat gets stuck in the reclined position.

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