1st Blog Post

Finally, after several years of false starts, missed opportunities, distractions of “real life”. I’m thrilled to make the first blog post on my new website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, perhaps by you (?), how badly it needs to be updated. Of course I knew this, many things have changed since it’s inception, there is new work to show, new changes to report. The previous fine art section, I owe a huge debt of thinks to Carolyn Frayn, who designed and coded a truly elegant presentation. This new version is made in such a way even I can put up new work easily, but for some time I’ll be mostly catching up and adding many years of activity and photography. This blog will be my opportunity to talk about many things, art, craft, my own personal rants and interests. The Custom Digital blog is primarily about the shop activity, and the artists I get to work with, so more personal discussions about my work, or where we find ourselves these days (seems a constant topic amongst my friends and I), was not appropriate there.

In the beginning there will mostly be notices of additions to the site, as this will take some time to really be inclusive of decades of photography. I hope to also discuss the many challenges we face with our technology, the marketplace our badly needed tools are a part of, and try to keep afloat amongst all that.

More soon, I’m very happy with how things are looking so far, I have help, and people to thank, and will get to that as well. Back to work…

2 responses to “1st Blog Post”

  1. Carol Boss says:

    Very nice addition!
    Wish you all the best!

  2. Sue says:

    Well hell, it’s about time Tyler Boley.
    I look forward to seeing more.

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