Uneditioned prints additions and holiday sale

Garfield County WA 3 and Hoh Rain Forest WA © Tyler boley

Garfield County WA 3 and Hoh Rain Forest WA © Tyler Boley


Two new additions to the uneditioned print offerings, all of which are on sale through the holidays. The top image was made in 2014 on a trip in eastern WA with Jeff Corwin, along one of those tiny roads that yields rewards unforeseen. This is one of 3 or 4 5×7 large format exposures I made that day, we were just wondering if we could ever find that road again. The bottom image was made in 1993, in the Hoh rain forest, very near the visitor center, a magical place, any time of year, any weather, every visit is a wonder. This is medium format. These were the two selects of a Facebook poll.

These and all of the offerings of uneditioned prints are discounted for the holidays, please click here to view and order.

This started as monthly offerings, which I am discontinuing. There be additions and specials form from time to time, I still like this idea very much and hope people continue to take advantage of the offerings. For now there are eleven pieces offered, each yields a beautiful print, each easily fits into an economical standard off-the-shelf 16 x 20 frame with 11 x 14 mat opening. happy holidays everyone.

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