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I’ve wanted to do this for years, seemes everything takes a long time in my world! I take pictures constantly, with anything I have from phone to view camera. I like a lot of these pictures and have decades worth. If they don’t become a part of an editioned body of work it doesn’t mean I’m less connected to them or was less committed to their making. I’m happy to find a way to have them seen. I also like the idea of original art made in such a way that that can be priced for a wider and more democratic purpose. Students need access to actual physical pieces for scrutiny, I remember a silver print I bought from Fred Picker long ago made available for the same purposes. Friends and family often want pieces in their homes, and editioned and/or larger scale pieces are outside their personal budgets or available space.

So, I will have an ever growing gallery here of uneditioned very reasonably priced prints. All will start as a discounted Print Of The Month, then move to the gallery below at the regular price.

I’m kicking this off with three to get some quantity on the page, and hopefully provide some variety. Two were previous Holiday Specials at slightly larger sizes, and I’ve prepared a new piece from the Ridgefield National Wildlife Reserve, one of my favorite places.

Thanks for your interest, tell your friends, tell your students, spread the word, GO HERE-

***10/29/2017 edit- my apologies, the wrong image for Darwin Falls is shown here, the correct one is now at the uneditioned print page

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  1. tyler says:

    perhaps I should add, for those who may be interested- these are all from medium format film, drum scanned. I’m finding a wide variety of things I’d like to put here, so some technical info might be good, particularly for students.

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