new music- Stride

A power trio instrumental, with occasional additional ear candy at no extra charge. Hopefully this honors the power trio tradition we love, updated a bit. Once again David Nielsen performed and provided drum tracks, as well as collaborated on arrangement and sonics. Working with a real rock drummer increases the likelihood of more rock going forward!

Loud is good for this one, ingredients may include noodles, bashes, fuzzes, mayhems, traces of other things not recommended by doctors.

This and all posted music can be heard on my channels at these sites-

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Thank you very much for listening, all likes and props on those pages greatly appreciated

4 responses to “new music- Stride”

  1. Patric J.Kelly a.k.a. Spike says:

    The only two rock gods I would buy on I tunes today!

  2. Tim Orden says:

    As you know, I tend to see imagery in hou guys music. Maybe its cause of the “wreck du jour” but I cant help but wishing I had an intern to grab up a bunch of Trump TV clips. Stuff like his big gestures, famous lines of horseshit and news footage of the mayhem he creates. That intern would have to meta tag the snit outa the mass of clips but with this tune itd tell a story of what the hell has been happening. The music mirrors the events of layered and unending madness. The “bridges?” Would give the piece a chance for reaction and/or a perspective opp.
    I need a slave. A good one..

    • tyler says:

      wow, and here I thought this one was so euphoric and happy!! Shows ya we all bring what’s on our mind to a listen… anyway, by all means get a slave (AKA intern), you have a lot to teach

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