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Regarding the hosting sites, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Fandalism. YouTube is obviously easy to access, but the sound compression is greatest and more lossy. Soundcloud is also easy to access, and has excellent file quality. There is also a smartphone app if you like. Fandalism is primarily a musicians social music sharing network, like Facebook it’s somewhat intrusive, shares your activity, and requires a subscription. It’s good for me to interact with a large musical community, but perhaps not for everyone. Frankly I like Soundcloud, you can just listen if  you like, or register and create your own playlists. With any of these you can subscribe and follow anybody of course, But I intend to post here any time I put something up, so if you really want to follow, subscribing to this blog is the least intrusive of all.

A few recently completed things have been put up. “Night Drive” is pretty surreal and sonically abstract,  and for some, a more challenging listen. It resulted from some guitar sound experimenting that took on a life of its own. I never would have previously thought I’d complete a piece like this but am happy to find something new by following whims, the sounds, and the undefinables. I think it owes more to Jimi’s “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)”, than the soundscape genre it may seem to sound like initially. Also some classical, including an illusive nod to my favorite childhood Tchaikovsky piano concerto. Entirely made from guitar, effected and otherwise, and drum samples from Bill Bruford’s “Packet Of Three” from Twiddly Bits.
Soundcloud- Night Drive
YouTube- Night Drive
Fandalism- Night Drive

July Rain is a meditative piece I made for a friend wanting rain music for meditation. It is long and intentionally very uneventful, nothing must call attention to itself. It’s made with iPhone samples of rain outside a hotel window in Prague, some loops, and effected guitar. This is not intended for attentive music listening, or scrutiny. After completing and sending it I found it useful for myself as well, for looping in the background while working, and especially for help with tinnitus. In that spirit I decided to put it up.
Soundcloud- July Rain

Gumby Bass is a very short piece I put up some time back without notice to share some Ashbory bass sounds with my musician friends. I didn’t put it on Youtube. It will be completed into a final piece soon.
Soundcloud- Gumby Bass
Fandalism- Gumby Bass

Per previous post, a few things are already up, to see all-
Soundcloud Channel
YouTube Channel
Fandallism Channel

A note about the music. It’s been decades since I’ve had the opportunity to play or write. Those who know me musically from the past would probably expect more aggressive rock oriented music. As much as I love that, I find it more pleasing in a band setting with chemistry between good players. Having been a drummer, and having played with great drummers, making music with programmed samples is difficult for me to accept for rock or more high energy music. Creating music alone, “July” and “Night Drive” have been the current results, as much a surprise to me as anyone. I do have the beginnings of some more aggressive pieces in the works. Also, I was most active in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but I have no nostalgia about playing that old music, as great as it was. I have zero desire to bash out “Sunshine Of Your Love” one more time.  Music has evolved a great deal since those days and so have I.
Finding time to do more is difficult, and I have some friends waiting for some collaborations, but I very much appreciate any listeners. More will come.

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