new music- Other, mix 4

“Other” was written as background music for “A Selection From Four Decades of Photography”. Several remixes were made before arriving at one that suited that purpose, most were too insistent for attention or at odds with the images. I liked some of the rejected sounds, so wanting a stand-alone version for myself I put occasional work into remixes, finally arriving at this. A shifting soundscape that might be useful for background music, exercise, yoga, space out.. whatever.

In 2006 on several flights home from teaching a photography workshop in Vermont I made a series of photographs out the window. I thought one would work as a still for this music, but when  reviewing them for a selection, I went ahead with this video of several.

This and all posted music can be heard on my channels at these sites-

Soundcloud Channel
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Fandallism Channel

Thank you very much for listening, all likes and props on those sites greatly appreciated

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