new music- Catherine

We like this one, and keep inching newbie engineering forward. So here is a better mix/master, 8/2020

Re-mastered version posted 5/28/2020 is taken down

original post from 9/9/2018 follows

After a few darker pieces I did mention somewhat guiltily that the next one would be “prettier”, here it is. Beyond that I’d like to let it speak for itself. Noteworthy though, I reconnected with my old friend David Nielsen, we played together for several years some time ago, and share a lot of musical values. He put 110% into the drums and percussion for this, and was a constant positive influence on the evolution of the piece. We’ll do more together.

This and all posted music can be heard on my channels at these sites-

Soundcloud Channel
YouTube Channel
Fandallism Channel

Thank you very much for listening, all likes and props on those pages greatly appreciated

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