Memory Wind

the short story- another casual video/music excerize that got out of hand, not unlike July Rain. Like it, I did not preconcieve it nor can catagorize the result. I enjoyed making it.


No video, but highest quality audio: Soundcloud- Memory Wind
The same Youtube video above, hosted at Fandalism: Fandalism- Memory Wind


The long story- My friend photographer Jeff Corwin and I were in Eastern Washington for a few days of photography over the memorial day holidays. He was doing a lot of serious video motion studies. The wheat at this spot was moving spectacularly and he was out making some captures. Staring out the car window I saw this double motion, eventually I recorded some handheld video of it with no particular purpose in mind. I played with it when home and tried some sounds with it, which then got out of hand (as usual) and resulted in this. I’m as surprised as anyone at these results sometimes, I never set out to do music like this. Just follow my imagination. I’m not entirely sure it’s listenable, I suppose, like July Rain, it’s some kind of nature meditation, if anything. If I had to describe it it’s probably closest to ambient music.

Regarding that, I know some serious ambient musicians and am somewhat familiar of the genre. It has a long history and is a serious form to which many impressive people have been quite committed. I would never claim output of mine is in that category, it’s entry level playing around, probably more accurately thought of as psychedelic, informed by some ambient exposure, classical, progressive, rock, fusion, etc… it’s interesting noise I enjoy playing with.

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  1. Fred says:

    Well done Tyler.

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