July Rain

The short version-

A piece intended as background, relaxation, or environment that evolved over a three year period, all based on rain. If the sound of rain depresses you please take a pass! Nothing about the music, or the imagery, is every dramatic or demanding of attention. This is not what I would present as a serious piece of music for it’s own sake, but in the end I enjoy and and so am sharing it. Use it as you will, or not.

No video, but highest quality audio: Soundcloud- July Rain
Full video, adequate audio: Youtube- July Rain
The same Youtube video, hosted at Fandalism: Fandalism- July Rain

The long version-

July 21st 2012 I held my iPhone to an open window in a hotel in Prague and recorded the summer rain, with no thought of it’s future use. About two years later I received a request for meditative rain music, and made some tranquil, spacial, and meandering music over the recorded rain, with nothing about it that calls attention to itself as a musical piece. It’s intention was to enable, or set a tone, background.
Over time I wound up using it myself, to have on while driving, as background when working, to force myself to relax, or even fall asleep. With so much repeated listening I’d find little things to fix here and there or a sound to enhance, and would open the project and make little tweaks over the period of about a year. I finally ran out of things to tweak, and wound up happy with it and the process of making it. It doesn’t hold up under scrutiny as a piece of music with form and intent in it’s own right, it’s more utilitarian, for use in other endeavors.
It was mixed, and the space created, on headphones, so probably sounds more as intended that way, though it’s fine on speakers.
As I thought more and more to share it, a rainy period began here a few weeks ago. While seeing the raindrops falling on a rhododendron through the window, I grabbed my camera and recorded some video. Thinking of a connection, and as the days of rain proceeded, I recorded more and more  for possible use in a video to accompany this piece. As long as I’m posting it, including to youtube, why not have video? Like the music, it too is very uneventful, slow, and tranquil with nothing blatantly dramatic to  call attention to itself. You can pay attention to it, or not. I enjoyed working on something that didn’t have to be any particular thing in itself or meet some more “important” criteria. From beginning to end the process has been totally intuitive and serendipitous. December 17, 2015.

Audio details-
created in Logic Pro X
4 tracks of rain
1 track cathedral organ bass pedal tone
1 track piano
1 track violins
1 track DX7 Koto sample, heavily effected, occasion subtle appearance
1 track heavily effected guitar is most of the activity

Per previous post, a few things are already up, to see all-
Soundcloud Channel
YouTube Channel
Fandallism Channel

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