Holiday Print Special

© Tyler Boley

© Tyler Boley

After seeing a sample print of this image for my Custom Digital print sale, it’s such a perfect match to Bamboo paper I decided at the last minute to offer is as an uneditioned highly affordable holiday print offer. A 35 x 46″ print of this is on my shop wall, easily seen from the street, and regularly stops pedestrian traffic, Since it’s not part of a particular body of work I have never offered it in any other form. This is drum scanned 120 Tmax film, printed on Hahnemule Bamboo paper, using a special blend of Piezography monochromatic inks. a very subtle split tone utilizing carbon and warm inks in the highlights, transitioning through other more neutral inks down to the selenium cooler ink in the shadows.

The image is 14.25 x 19.5″ on 17 x 22″ Hahnemule Bamboo sheet, signed lower right. The price is $85.00, one time, through the end of the month, December 2013. Shipping and a small packaging fee will be additional. We’ll make this easy to avoid calculating every order-

If you are in the Pacific Time Zone add $10.00

If you are in the Mountain Time Zone add $12.00

If you are in the Central Time Zone add $13.00

If you are in the Eastern Time Zone add $14.00

Send me an email at with your address and time zone, I will send a paypal invoice and when you’ve paid it will be sent out immediately.

This was a last minute whim, since I’m printing on 17 x 22 Bamboo here anyway, and this combo looks great, it’s a lovely print, and not an ordinary ink process you’ll often see, at a great price. If this goes well I may start a print of the month things or something… by the way, I got to spend hours on two different occasions with this amazing young elephant, and experience never forgotten.



3 responses to “Holiday Print Special”

  1. Tim Orden says:

    Hey, where do I send my money… I like Paypal… Yer fucked if you don’t take it… Ha


  2. Cathy Stevenson Nickum says:

    This is beautiful, Tyler! I’d love to buy one. Would you put one aside for me and tell me how I can pay you for it? Can pick up when I go to visit my folks…

  3. tyler says:

    hey folks, I don’t seem to be getting my comment notifications, so please email me directly as above, I may not catch these orders in the comments.. sorry.. Tim, I like paypal too, be gettin’ to ya..

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