August 2014

Closing the shop on lower Queen Anne, completing a large kickstarter project, trimming down and reconsidering the equipment I am keeping so I can work from home, and finding a way to make it all work here, has proven a more monumental task than I anticipated. There have been things worthy of posting about during this time, but the work itself, the lifestyle change, the impact on our home, and some very nice summer weather has taken precedence over writing. I intend to try and catch up over the next few months.

Being home has allowed me to find moments to pick up my instrument, and even work on some music. I was in music from the crib until the early 1980s, and though I left it behind for some time, it’s always been my intention to make it part of my life again. One of the by products of clearing out the basement to make a working printing space is finding a lot of relics of those years, tapes, photographs, posters, evenĀ embarrassing clothes.

Since this is my personal blog, not strictly just for photography matters, I intend to address music activity as well. I’ll enjoy filling in some history, of interest to me alone no doubt, but also to some of the people I was close to in those years. A few are gone, and the connection is with those they left behind. Some of the music and events are very dated and seem silly now, but meant a lot to those of us involved at the time, we redefined “commitment” in those years.

So I’ll put up some old things and some new things. Links to the Soundcloud, Fandalism, and Youtube accounts are here-

Right now there are only two, one from the foggy past, and one I completed recently. Anything I add will be place on all three sites, and noted here as well.

So.. back to some photography.

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