4TH- remixed

The short story- Some grungy riff rock I wrote in the 90s. Lifted the guitar tracks off an old cassette and re-contextualized the whole thing…

The long story- Enough talk

No video, but highest quality audio: Soundcloud- 4TH
The same Youtube video with still image above, hosted at Fandalism: Fandalism- 4TH



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4 responses to “4TH- remixed”

  1. Tim Orden says:

    Always a roller coaster ride. At least it doesn’t make me dizzy.
    Whose doing the drum tracks?

  2. tyler says:

    it’s all me, and a laptop, OCDing away

  3. Paula Rey Hawk says:

    I am seeing my Jack Russell skate boarding and surfing during this 6 min…of musical activity…She is 3.5 months old and very active…wow is she active!…

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