2020 music with Ann Wilson

This September Ann Wilson invited me to take part in a sort of garage band bash for a few days to see what happens, she was coming to town, had some pieces she wanted to try, and a few commitments to meet. I recommended Uberbeatz from previous experience and they went ahead and booked it, and assembled the other players, two from Ann and Heart’s touring/recording bands- Daniel Walker on keys, Andy Stoller on bass, Sean Lane on drums, and Sean Walker was engineering and mixing. We all masked up and go to it, me with out of practice fingers and a dusty music brain. Steve Earle’s “The Revolution Starts Now” was the first we worked on, to be released before the election.


To contribute to The Museum Of Pop Culture’s founders award event for Alice in Chains, a version of “Rooster”.

Other pieces were recorded as well, I’ll update if and when they are released. My occasional involvement with Ann’s music is explained in a previous blog post here.

*ADDED 01/22/2021- And now the 3rd release from the sessions-

And now this, from the same sessions, released today 02/25/2021-

… and this is the last piece we recorded, released 04/12/2021 as a single. There is an extended version with a spacey cool jam at the end, that may see the light of day eventually.

4/30/2022 edit- happy to say the Ann’s new album Fierce Bliss, includes the extended version of Black Wing, and with an improved mix


Though I have been involved in music one way or another since a toddler, played in several bands when younger, and have been writing and basement recording my personal projects, I’m not a career musician. When working with seasoned and talented professional players like these I’m quite humbled and realize how lucky I am to be involved. I am extremely grateful to Ann for her support, enthusiasm to work together from time to time, and actually get me “on record”. Of course her phenomenal talent and presence can’t be overstated. Thanks Ann

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