1/2018 print of the month- EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH

Silver Falls, OR © Tyler Boley

Silver Falls, OR © Tyler Boley

The first offering for the new year is an old image, but one I’ve always liked for it’s silvan mood and intricacy, very “northwesty”. I used to do solitary carefree road trips in a crappy old gas guzzler, with all my photography and camping gear. This was 1982, during a trip that included parts of the Oregon Coast, interior, and the Redwoods in Northern CA. It was off season, cold, and wet. Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is fairly popular due to the nice trails through a series of beautiful waterfalls. I was literally alone there, and the weather was not conducive to hiking with camera gear and attempting to photograph in the rainy woods, I made no images of waterfalls. But when this opened up before me I stopped to work, now here is a falls, of silver. I was under a poncho, and a large garbage bag was over the camera, it was raining as evidenced my the fogginess of the light with some distance back into the woods. I have one or two silver prints somewhere, made back then, on Portriga. Tech stuff- a 4×5 negative, drum scanned.

Due to input from others I’m changing the sizing of these offerings. The primary goal is to make them as affordable as possible for just about anyone. I assumed the biggest I could make the prints, up to a point, that maximized the most economic materials and packaging I could find, would be the most desirable. But concerns about custom framing expenses were expressed. The most affordable framing is standard sizes from several retail outlets. So I have changed the sizing to work perfectly in off the shelf 16×20″ frames with standard matte, an opening of 11×14″.  The image will float slightly with room to show the signature. So, the images are a little smaller now, but much easier and economical to get on the wall to enjoy

All of the offerings, these monthly, and the general uneditioned prints gallery, are here

*** This offering is being extended through March as well, it’s a busy period and the Print Of The Month thing is being re-evaluated. Also, this is a good one! I hope more people take advantage of it while the price remains at this discount.***

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