11/2017 print of the month

Ridgefeild WA 4 © Tyler Boley

Ridgefeild WA 4 © Tyler Boley


This was the overwhelming favorite in the Facebook and Instagram poll for this months offering. Like one of the prints in the first offering, this image was made at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Reserve, this one in 1990 the other much more recent. I’ve been there many times and have several images of the reserve, it’s a favorite spot. For the techies among us, common in photography which demands some craft, this was made with a Plaubel Makine, on 120 film, drum scanned.

Thanks to all who take a moment and give me feedback in the polls. I have a connection with anything I include, I wouldn’t put up anything I’m not happy with, the polls help make decisions. Anyone new who’d like to take part, they are approximately monthly, on this page, and here on Instagram. Please feel free to follow there, I don’t post enough to become TOO irritating.

All of the offerings, these monthly, and the general uneditioned prints gallery, are here

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