I provide high quality drum scanning, Cone Piezography™ multi gray and black ink carbon pigment digital printing, consulting, and other digital imaging related services on a one to one basis. An Epson 9880 printer is used with an advanced RIP giving extremely precise control over how the inks go to paper, and how they are blended and linearized. It is optimized for control of the Cone inks for the B&W process, providing a variety of advanced methods for putting down inks on a variety of surfaces, including unique fine art papers otherwise nearly impossible to utilize with inkjet. Smaller Epsons are on hand as test beds for constant experimentation with inks and papers.

A custom mixed warm ink set and a cooler set with a tint designed for the slight eggplant hue of a selenium toned print are used in the 9880. Both of these sets are custom mixed from four different Piezography™ ink sets. This, along with the options provided by the software, allows the artist to select between all warm, all cool/selenium, or many blending options from the two ink sets including split tones. Often for large projects, several rounds of tweaking the ink blends and hue on a given paper are customized before production of final prints. Many interesting examples are in the Projects section. If you are interested in this kind of approach please plan in extra lead time for your project.

These inks are primarily carbon pigment and designed for “the absolute greatest available longevity and monochromatic color stability” by the manufacturer, Cone Editions Press, the leading innovator in the development of fine digital monochromatic printing.

The primary papers, after much ongoing testing, are from Hahnemuhle, Canson, Cone, and Epson. Setups for unusual uncoated fine art papers like Arches are also available, and I will also linearize these processes on any paper for special projects. Please enquire about current papers in use when considering moving forward with an order, the state of the art in available papers tends to evolve.

I maintain close working relationships with industry innovators and excellent suppliers to keep the services offered at the leading edge of craft.

With many years of experience, the highest quality materials, hardware and software, the goal is to work with artists to meet their specific needs and bring their images alive on paper.

Please carefully review the file submission guidelines included in the price list.

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