June 27, 2019

final post

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This is a replication of the final post at Custom-Ditial.com
In 2003 Anil Kapahi and I formed Custom Digital in the Bemis building in Seattle. Several significant developments arrived at the same time. Large format 7 ink Epsons, Jon Cone’s B&W inksets in a variety of hues, and the ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP with tremendous control and support for Jon’s inks came on the market. Already experienced with developing methods, we jumped in. I believe we were one of the first, if not the first, combining all this into a viable state-of-the-art working setup to offer variable hue large format fine art B&W printing with a highly refined aesthetically pleasing process, as well as very high quality film drum scanning for fine art prints. Several successful darkroom masters, when shown the process and invited to try, immediately went.. oh yeah…
My background in color, color management, and our color printing experience lead us into color services as well. Anil eventually decided to go his own way, and Custom Digital was simply me, with occasional help from interns, in a shop on lower Queen Ann Hill in Seattle. Some of the unusual advanced methods and processes offered were: of course, highly refined B&W Cone ink printing, blending different hued ink sets, warm to cool selenium, a wide variety of blends and split tones of those, on a variety of fine art surfaces; precisely controlled advanced color printing, eventually with six color ink setups, linearizations, and profiling on anything from photo gloss to old world fine art papers not normally capable of taking ink; very refined toned monochrome with near dotless low gamut color ink setups; and high resolution drum scanning.
The quality of artists and work, not only from the Seattle area, but all over the country, even the world, always inspired to create the best possible manifestation of their efforts. I am indebted to all who trusted me with their art, if I started naming some, I’d never finish this post for fear of leaving someone out. From exhibitions to small single prints, the modest flow of beautiful art passing through my hands at the shop was pretty astonishing. Some of these artists were literally mentors in my formative years.
The community I became a part of, beginning on line back when there was only a loose network of worldwide innovators connecting in little niche forums, evolving into some of the best printers and developers in the world, is very rewarding. Particularly the individuals from around the country who became The Agnostic Print. Consistent with the mindset of such creatives, everyone wandered off into their own explorations, and the group is now inactive, but still communicating. Our few gatherings were intimate night-long mind boggling experiences where some of the best contemporary printing was laid out and experienced between us. Our group portfolio is now placed in some collections. At Jon Cone’s invitation, we once gathered in Vermont to hang, eat great food, and print together… and that’s what we did, print, experiment with ink and paper for 12 hours a day, and eat Jon’s amazing meals outside with the fireflies. A printer’s version of jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Though I am continuing refinement of craft and producing my own work and special projects, Custom Digital winds down with a sense of pride and accomplishment in it’s own small world in that messy little shop, then to my basement, and the level at which it performed. Custom-digital.com will go off line within the next few weeks, but I have archived the entire blog on my website at tylerboley.com, not only for myself, but the various artists I worked with, their shows and projects posted over the years, a lot to explore. Unfortunately my blogging attention often lagged, the work is not all there, my apologies to those artists. Though my own local photography community was largely oblivious to Custom Digital, I am very thankful to those in Seattle who found and supported it over the years, and of course the artists, suppliers, and innovators around the planet I was fortunate to meet.
I’ll be around,

March 6, 2019

2019 Spring Hiatus

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I’m taking in no new work until June at the soonest. Other pressing issues long needing attention, some travel, etc. are taking precedence for the first time in decades. Feel free to contact me if something needs addressing.
Thanks, see you soon, Tyler

March 4, 2019

Purge of old files

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I’m cleaning out old drives, anyone I haven’t worked with in over 5 years I can’t guarantee storage of job files with me. Actually there never was any guarantee of storage, I just did it as a convenience. Please contact me if you have concerns. Many of you I will be contacting personally about this, thanks. Tyler

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