January 15, 2014

Beverly’s Garden, the prints

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Normally I confine blog posts here to other fine photographer’s projects I have printed, and to alert others to their events and work. This time I’ll give some attention to a project of my own. As a print project it’s worth noting for it’s size if nothing else. Should my Kickstarter project succeed I’ll have about 400 prints to perfect and complete, an edition of twenty prints, of twenty images selected for the print portfolio. I have 99% decided on Epson Cold Press Natural for the edition, more testing with these particular images will help decide. The depth of color and blacks available with this paper is hard to resist for this work. The other reason for posting here is of course, the Kickstarter project itself. It’s completely dependent on word getting out to as many people as possible, so I have to exploit all my available soapboxes.


There is already a great deal of information about this work on my personal website so I won’t take up space on this blog.

A web gallery of the twenty images in the print portfolio is here

A web gallery of additional selections from the book is here

There are links on both of those pages to information about the book, and to a blog post about the work. Thank you for indulging me on the Custom Digital blog about my own work, this is a highly personal project that means a great deal to me. I hope you will consider spreading the word about this to anyone you think may be interested. A VERY HUGE thank you to those of you who have already pledged, should the project succeed I can only hope the prints you received live up to your contribution.

I will have a few more color projects before the move as well, and then of course B&W work, will continue from my home workshop.


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