January 10, 2014

2014: Big Changes

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I used to be able to say “we” here at Custom Digital, because it was founded by myself and Anil Kapahi, then it became just myself and the occasional intern, and now, as most of you know, Custom Digital is just me. 2014 brings significant changes to Custom Digital, me, that have been brewing for some time. There are many reasons for these changes, some personal, some cultural, economic, etc.. Some of these things are compelling issues to discuss, at least for me, but there’s plenty of time for that after the dust settles.
For now, I must report that I will be closing the shop on lower Queen Ann in Seattle, and moving my business home. Though I have a large work area there, not everything I have here will fit, so I must scale back the services offered. Since color printing is available elsewhere, and because the 9900 is the largest piece of equipment, I will cease offering color printing approximately mid February. I fully intend to set up and continue drum scanning, of any kind of film, and custom black and white printing with Jon Cone’s beautiful inksets as I always have. This remains the truly unique service offered, available few places in the country, or even the world, and why we started the business in the first place. I anticipate only a brief interruption in service, perhaps only a few days. I will be completely out of the lower Queen Ann shop by March 1st.
I hope to have a few events here by the time I close, I rarely get to show people the kinds of things that happen here, much of which is unique. I continue to insist there are things going on in ink for photography that many have still not been exposed to, and I love to share this stuff. I’ll have another of Ben Kern’s classes coming through this Monday, and I hope to have a day in a few weeks with a similar, casual, and lengthy open house style presentation in early February. I will also have an open studio sale, toward the end of February, with artwork by myself and those for whom I’ve printed, available at screamin’ deals.. in the meantime I’ll be extremely busy bringing about this change.
That’s enough for now. I want to thank everyone for their interest, support, and collaboration for 10+ years.
Sincerely, Tyler

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