Uneditioned Prints

After decades of photography, there are many images that don’t make their way into editioned bodies of work for any number of reasons, I would like to share and make available very affordable high quality uneditioned prints. Sizes are fixed at 13″ in the short dimension (***SEE NEW INFO BELOW), all are signed, made on 100% cotton acid free paper with excellent ink performance, the ink is the same special blends of Piezography inks used for all my work. There is no quality compromise with these prints.

All materials, production, and shipping choices are selected to keep the costs as low as possible to insure affordability for students and other uses prioritizing budget. The price includes shipping within the United States. For orders that arrive from other countries, an additional paypal invoice will be sent to cover additional costs once determined, the order shipped upon payment receipt. Each is initially introduced as a print-of-the-month discounted special, before it joins the others at the normal price below. Information on individual images is available in the blog here as each is introduced. Click on any image to see it larger, the Buy Now button will take you to a paypal order page.

***Sizing is changing for 2018 offerings, please see the blog for specific size info for 2018 postings